Personal Care

Personal care is a key market for Safic-Alcan, as we can offer a wealth of skills and expertise to deliver the best solution for their needs to customers and suppliers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and USA.

Thinking global but acting local is our driver. We can help you reduce complexity and costs thanks to our logistics structure, while remaining close to all our customers wherever they are.

Thanks to our extensive market knowledge, comprehensive range of specialty products and active ingredients, and dedicated team of technical sales experts, Safic-Alcan is a leading distributor in the personal care market.

Take a look at our product picker (link) to discover our outstanding portfolio of products. You can also email or call one of our experts to discuss a solution for your specific requirements.

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With our network of five application laboratories, we can address the latest trends and consumer needs in all market segments as well as create a deeper understanding of product performance and synergy across our ranges, and support your success. (video)

Our market experts regularly map new concepts and upcoming trends to provide you with accurate trend forcasting and industry-leading market insights. Follow us on our blog! ( link )

Our long term partnership with “Best in Class” suppliers guarantees a constant supply of quality standard and active ingredients, generating a fantastic opportunity to leverage the latest technology for your new products.

The key elements of our model are quality and REACH regulations, responsible care and sustainability, customer satisfaction and constant employee upskilling.

We supply not only products, but also formulation advice and manufacturing and processing recommendations to take your business to the next level.

In short, Safic-Alcan provides innovative solutions to the personal care and cosmetic market!

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