Safic-Alcan has over 150 year experience in supplying the European Rubber Market. Thanks to our extensive market knowledge, a comprehensive range of elastomers and rubber additives, and a team of technical sales experts, Safic-Alcan is today the N°1 Specialty Chemical Distribution Network to the European rubber industry.

Our territory is becoming global through our overseas subsidiaries and an extensive network of distributors covering the 5 continents.

Safic-Alcan is offering an extensive, including several proprietary, branded products which are fulfilling customer’s demand for the best quality and highest performance applications.

Our long term cooperation with “Best in Class” suppliers guarantees constant supply of quality rubber additives and elastomers.

Our goal is to be the “One Stop Shop” for the global Rubber industry. 

We are not only supplying products, but also formulation supports, manufacturing and processing recommendations.

In short Safic-Alcan is the provider of Innovative Solutions to the Rubber market.

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